Delaware Pohli's

Monday, July 24, 2006

Workcamp 2006 - Cow Island, LA

S.P.Y. gathered at church, ready to get to the airport and take off for Louisiana.

Awwww, Rob was home from Iraq and came down to wish his sister well.

Mary Ann showed up at the airport PREGNANT. To see what happened, click here.

Oh how the airline staff LOVED us lol. Every takeoff and landing was a simulated Rollercoaster ride for us. We were the entertainment on every flight.

I don't think the divas realized that we all could here them singing.

Yes, you can fit 5 grown people in an airplane bathroom.

Chelsea and Teka rockin out to XM radio.

Kelly loved us. We even helped her out when it was time for the safety demonstration, all 27 of us. Unfortunately by the time I tried to film our safety demonstration, a flight attendant had scolded me for taking pictures. That was after we all got in a bit of trouble for "rockin" the plane, left - right - left - right. And we really did "rock" the plane lol.

And we finally arrive at our school in Cow Island, LA. The school had 3 feet of mud in it that had to be cleaned out before workcamp could start.

Poppie gave us a warm Louisiana welcome.

He also gave us a brief history of the area and what it was like to group up here.

What beautiful hard hats they have. We all decorated our hats before coming to workcamp.

This tree is in Priestly Broussard's front yard. Their house was knocked off its foundation and into the cow pasture. The wall of water that did this traveled 4 miles in 15 minutes. As it came across the road in front of the tree (the road is the levy) it hit a truck and knocked it into this tree. The driver was able to climb out and spent 2 days in this tree before being picked up by helicopter. He had to fight off snacks, bears, and a gator or two. Over 4,000 gators escaped from a local Alligator farm. All living creatures were searching for the highest groung. When the water level dropped, there were dead animals all over the roads as these were built on top of the levys.

And now its time for the 5th Annual Megan Scott Invitational Spoons are for Goons Cereal Eating Contest. This is a S.P.Y. sponsored event.

Yes that is milk running out of Amanda's nose lol

And this year's winnner, the first woman EVER, is Brie. Woot Woot!!

The Workcamp Kitty. Everybody wanted to take him home, but he was still there when we left.

The work was rough and hot. Some were so tired that they slept like the dogs.

Priestly Broussard decided not to rebuild his home but to build up the soil and buy a trailor. We had to build a wheelchair ramp for the family.

Philip was one of the few lucky ones. Air conditioning and power and power tools. Most everyone else was working in near 100 temps and 100% humidity, IT WAS HOT.

Claire helped clean out Miss Mary's kitchen. You can still see where the mud was up in the second shelf of the cabinets. The water was 6 feet deep and stayed for 3 months. Claire, Jessica, Tara, and Bob found this kitchen to be the same as it was the day Miss Mary evacuated. All the dishes in the sink were from the last meal before the storm.

Jessica and Tara nailed Luan in every room helping Miss Mary get that much closer to moving back in from her Fema trailor that sits in her front yard. That is what most residents live in until their homes are finished.

Chelsea and Heather took a breather from chockin the hammer lol. They spent the week putting down luan and paneling most of the rooms in this home.

Brie supervises as Mary Ann cuts Crown Molding. They paneled walls, put luan on the floors, painted and put up crown molding through their house.

This window had to be replaced because looters had fired shots into the house to scare away residents in attempts to steal what was left behind. Teka and Maggie worked hard to get this done even though it wasnt on their priority list.

Everyone ran into obstacles. Here James, Clayton, and Rick and crew walked into the bathroom to put new walls up and went right through the floor.

Does your kitchen look like this?

This was the picture of the house next to Brie and Mary Ann's resident. It had the highest elevation in the area and 26 cows found refuge during the storm. Prior to this picture being taken, the water level was just above the front porch.

And here is that same house today. They were lucky and didnt suffer and damage inside the home.

All homes have to be elevated above a certain level to maintain their insurance. It cost each home owner an average of $12,000 to have their home elevated like this one. The interior is still not done and they enter their house via a ladder.

Even the cement caskets were moved by the force of the storm.

This guy is taking no chances on the next storm. He too spent days in his kids treehouse during the storm, not by choice.

This foundation is what was left of a family's home. And the couch, desk, water heater, and front steps.

Each week a truck comes by the house above and removes a little bit more of what remains of the walls, roof, and personal belongings.

Hmmmmm, my moustache is better than yours.

We played soccer after work each day. Amanda got soaked in a rain storm and is covered in grass. Did someone say there were fire ants in the grass?????

Evening Program. Residents come to share with us. Here Tara, Jessica, and Claire talk with Miss Mary.

Group Devotions. Space was limited so most everyone ended up in the cafeteria. And did i mention that we were catered for dinner each night and had amazing cajun food.

"Care Cards", the last minute rush to get them finished.

New friends. Maggie, Kenda, and Claire with fellow workcampers.

Make shift church in the 9th ward of New Orleans. Everywhere you went in New Orleans there were youth groups on their day off.

The destruction is still so evident in the 9th ward. Even in downtown New Orleans there are so many stores that have not come back yet. Some were just being cleaned out the day we were there.

Amanda and her mask.

Kendra posing in a store.

We got stuck in the airport in New Orleans. So we broke out the blowup beachball and got a volleyball game up with a youth group from Raleigh, NC. We used the airport hanging sign as our net.

We also played soccer in the concourse.

Chris rockin out on the plane ride home.

Sam and her duckie necklace.

James and Amanda.

Amanda was the master at packin the van for the ride to the airport.

And like the rest of us, she was sooooo tired and ready for her own bed.