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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Red Bird Spring 2006 Trip

Jen & Tim's House in morehead, KY. We stayed there on the way down to Red Bird and the way back up. On the way down we met William H Macy, very cool dude!

Back in the day, Morehead was a dry county and we had to go to the bootleggers to get drinks.

This is on the way to Natural Bridge, very tight squeeze.

Had to take a pic of a car coming through, too bad we werent in the tunnel at the same time.

So our first day there we were assigned as Crew Leaders with an awesome group out of Birmingham, MI. We put a new Tin Roof on a house. The piece of tin you see here is covering a 2 foot hole.

This is the view into the back bedroom from the roof :o)

And the view from the bedroom to the roof. We later "found", created???, another hole into the bathroom.

We had two teams working the roof on each side, punching holes in the Tin and screwing it down to the roof.

Trying to get all the Tin on the roof before the rain comes back, and we did it!

We had to be careful on the one side of the roof as it was a 50 foot drop to the road below. "Will she push Justin off the roof? naaaaaahhh"

Jillian beat that nail into submission. Some of the wood was harder than the nails.


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